Encopresis Advice

There are many resources available for encopresis advice and help. See below for our information on encopresis, soiling, various aspects of treatment, and related topics.

encopresis adviceWe are often asked about dietary changes to help with encopresis. Parents are cautioned that attention focusing only on one or two factors such as diet, fiber, probiotics, laxatives, suppositories, enemas, and behavioral approaches are inadequate to treat children with severe or chronic constipation or children with encopresis (fecal soiling after age 4 without a physical cause). Seeing a physician in concert with a knowledgeable behavioral psychologist and undertaking a comprehensive treatment approach is strongly recommended to avoid chronic conditions that may be difficult or impossible to reverse if they persist for too long. Learn more about Diet and Fiber and Gastrointestinal Tract aids.

Discussing the cleaning of our private parts in public spaces is typically avoided in all cultures. Bathroom humor is common and used to cover our embarrassment about this topic. Notice that such humor is often regarded as juvenile and cheap. Our approach here however is clinical, scientific, and objective. It concerns issues with very grave consequences. Find advice for hygiene help with encopresis.

The colon is that part of the large intestine above the rectal vault. “Mega” is Greek for “giant”, and we all know that there is a medical tradition of using Greek in medical terminology. We may also recall that the explosive power of atomic or hydrogen bombs is so huge that the bombs are rated in megatons, with mega coming to represent a thousand fold rating for a ton of explosive TNT. A megacolon then is a very enlarged colon that results from “outlet obstruction” or a reflexive fear or habit of clamping up against voiding. Read more about Megacolon.

How to clean out the colon and implement the Power Hour is available here. Home Mixed Enema Forumulas.

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