HIPAA and Confidentiality Requirements

HIPAA Compliance for Confidentiality:

HIPAA stands for the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This notice does not apply if you only purchase the Clean Kid Manual because you are using it as a Do-It-Yourself manual without any direct or personal consultations with Dr. Collins. Encopresis is an extremely embarrassing and isolating condition for children and their families. This requires the utmost confidentiality for your orders and participation in the Soiling Solutions protocol for encopresis.

Limits on Insurance Applicability to Assure Confidentiality:

Please note that this site does not accept third party insurance payments in any form. Accordingly, the new HIPAA law does not strictly apply to my services. However, there is an opinion that this law will effectively become a new “standard of care” for health providers. I will comply with the laws as they are currently interpreted, especially as regards confidentiality.

Limits on Other Participation to Assure Confidentiality:

I do not regard myself as a treating professional directly responsible for your child’s treatment or welfare. I am strictly an author and upon your treating professional will provide him a free exam copy of my Clean Kid Manual. Parents must rely on the confidentiality of their own community’s professionals in their responsibility and treatment for your child. I will not serve as an expert witness or respond to subpoenas for treatment records as I really do not have a direct role in providing services.