About Enuresis

Enuresis sometimes accompanies encopresis. Enuresis is a term used to describe children who urinate at the wrong place or the wrong time, either involuntarily or on purpose, for at least three months, twice a week, at age 5 or beyond. It is usually caused by a delay in the maturation in the part of the nervous system that controls bladder function. Sometimes enuresis can be caused by secondary stressful events in a child’s life, such as a divorce, a move, a change in school, or an illness.

It is important for parents to understand that children are not happy about their inability to urinate properly. Enuresis places a child at risk for teasing, which can damage his or her self-esteem and can limit participation in social events such as sleepovers or summer camp. Punishing or shaming the child should be avoided at all times.

Dr. Collins’ research has validated the use of a bedwetting alarm, going off with minimal delay at the precise beginning of bedwetting, to activate the urinary muscles to stop the urine stream before it exits the body. Over time and trials the child’s own internal alarm takes over.

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