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School districts may offer unique challenges for parents whose children are suffering from encopresis. Education professionals can play a significant role in a child’s success in preventing and solving encopresis, whether it’s providing regular access to toilet facilities or recognizing signs of a constipated child.

The beauty of The Soiling Solutions® protocol is that by emphasizing parental intervention at home, it quickly eliminates daytime encopresis accidents in school. Parents can interrupt the vicious cycle of child withholding and fear of accidents by using suppositories and enemas to assist the child with having a daily bowel movement, and hopefully remaining accident-free for a 24-hour period. This will keep children safe from in-school accidents!

Nurses and teachers can shine as coaches, encouraging the protocol with parents. Measures such as providing access to a quiet toilet where a child can change his pants if an accident occurs can make a huge difference!

The Digital Format Advantage

I wrote the Clean Kid Manual for parents and physicians. The bound version is only available within the USA. The digital format is readily available from an email downlink response upon purchase and no shipping delay. You can have up to 5 copies with your order if the downloads are made within 2 weeks of your order. You can do a “save as” for up to 5 copies on different devices from your email download link and they remain available from those devices long after the store server goes “dark”.

What is really important is that you can FORWARD any unused email links to your physician, school, spouse or whoever until all 5 downloads are used up from the store server.

IF YOU ARE A PHYSICIAN, NURSE OR PSYCHOLOGIST YOU CAN FORWARD the email download links email to your associates for their use in supervising parents for monitoring progress. A parent email forum is registered with their own independent purchase. This provides much assurance for them saving your office time.

Dr C—Author and retired psychologist