Homemade Enema Formulas

Cleaning Your Child’s Colon with Homemade Enema Formulas

Homemade enema treatments should always start with a base mixture of 1.5 tsp ordinary table salt, thoroughly dissolved into 1000 ml of tap water. These proportions make the solution similarly neutral to that of the inside of the colon. This will have a very gentle, least irritating action on the colon to wash out stool.

DO NOT use strictly plain water without salt added, as the chemical structure would draw out the enema water from the colon into the surrounding body fluids and could be potentially deadly. This base saline solution may be capped and stored at room temperature, for later use at room temperature or warmed close to body temperature (100 degrees Fahrenheit).

If using this homemade enema solution does not trigger bowel movements, then you may add certain substances to the saline solution in measured amounts to produce a complete evacuation. Here are some formulations in an order of preference from weaker to stronger solutions:

  • Glycerin: Add 5-40 ml to the 1000 ml. base NaCl saline solution. Glycerin can be bought in bulk at almost any pharmacy. Ask the pharmacist if you cannot locate it on the shelf.
  • Castile® soap may be added. Applicare® makes packets of Castile® soap at 9 ml liquid content each. Use 1-3 packets in the 1000 ml base NaCl saline solution.
  • The Fleet® saline sodium phosphate solution may be added to the 1000 ml. base NaCl saline solution to strengthen a voiding response. Fleet is available in a child dosage for those 11 years and under (excluding children 2 yrs. and under). The limitation of no more than one Fleet enema bottle per day still applies.


Never add more than one of the above added solutions to your base saline solution. If you have continuing contractions or accidents, you may have to do a rinse-out enema with the base saline solution to remove any lingering added irritant.

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