For Medical Professionals

For psychologists:

Encopresis involves higher-level brain functions. It’s not something a child can simply grow out of as he or she matures. Many conventional methods focus solely on the use of oral medications (laxatives and softeners) to loosen stool.

Written by a psychologist, the Soiling Solutions® protocol is the result of a more thorough examination of the brain mechanisms involved in bladder and bowel elimination. Through this approach, the child learns to reconnect his urge signals and voiding responses through Pavlovian Classical Conditioning. The power of the program is that it can all be done from home, by firm and loving parents.

Using oral medication alone, as prescribed by many physicians and psychologists, may actually train more holding because of a fear of accidents and negative parental reactions. Oral medications take time to move through the digestive process, whereas enemas and suppositories cause the body to expel stool almost immediately making sitting and going more automatic with an accompanying sense of relief.

For nurses and doctors:

The Soiling Solutions protocol sets forth an entirely new approach to treating encopresis, when the standard trial of stool softeners and/or laxatives is not successful.

Along with oral remedies, suppositories and enemas are used on a daily basis to establish positive control to end soiling and empty out the colon for a 24 hour period, along with a daily “power hour” of 2-3 minute repeated toilet sits. While this may seem like a traumatic approach, it provides child and parental control much more quickly, leading to substantial relief. It is also in accord with modern findings on treating anxiety. Encopresis is by far itself more traumatic and damaging if it is allowed to persist and become increasingly entrenched or chronic.

Advocating a passive approach fails to understand the urgency that parents have to overcome this problem. A more direct and active intervention is required.