Our Proven Solution

The Soiling Solutions® Clean Kid Manual© provides a specialized how-to protocol to end both encopresis and enuresis. Using proven behavioral science theories with a “bottom up” approach, including daily use of enemas and/or suppositories along with a daily hour of four short sits, with relaxation periods, sitting on the toilet at home. Firm, but loving parental guidance is needed for optimal success on the program.

We recognize the cultural and societal stigmas associated with suppository and enema use, which is why most doctors are inclined to prescribe Miralax or other stool-softening agents instead, to solve the problem from the “top down.” Behaviorally, these products make it harder to influence the brain processes that need to change for the child’s reflexes to properly recognize the timing of stool production.

Your child will immediately begin to feel relief and the urge to pass stools, and will learn to become less fearful of sitting on the toilet.

We urge you to seek out collaboration from your child’s physician. However, the Clean Kid Manual and associated online forum may be sufficient strategies for treating encopresis, with minimal medical office care required.

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“There are people who actually get my frustrations!!!!! Not people who are like, “I toilet trained my daughter in 3 days and she’s never had an accident since!” Those are NOT “my people.”  – Sarah K, email.