An Overview for Our Encopresis Protocol

About Our Program to End Encopresis:

  • Stop fault-finding and forget blaming and shaming.
  • Take charge, you are the parent and the adult in the room!
  • Expect drama, tears, and fierce resistance. Be strong and determined.
  • Suppositories and enemas are safe and on the shelves of your pharmacy.
  • They provide immediate voiding urges and a rapid emptying reflex providing relief.
  • They produce large wave contractions to expel the stool. He/she will fight them and experience painful cramps until he/she “lets” it go.
  • He learns “letting go” and becomes less fearful as he learns that he feels better.
  • Notice please, we are not urging your child to “push,” but to “let go!”
  • You will become his/her hero for knowing best.
  • Early soil-free days will seem like a miracle, but you must continue our Soiling Solutions protocol until you get independent and trustworthy self-initiation.

Encopresis Treatment Center Doctors - encopresis protocol

Your physician’s role in assisting you with the encopresis protocol:

  1. I would prefer that you are monitored and have available to you a local physician to be your partner in treating encopresis.
  2. On his/her request I will be happy to provide a free exam copy of the CKM that is restricted to his or his staff’s use.
  3. The majority of parents find the manual and SS Parent Forum peers are sufficient for treating encopresis with the physician in a stand-by or occasional office visit monitoring role.