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Your specific questions about encopresis are invited for answers to be posted on our Q&A page. We will maintain your anonymity, but need some basic information about your child’s age, sex, and history that are relevant. You will be helping other readers who will benefit from your questions and our answers.

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The “Poop Whisperer” Out of Long Island, New York!

A Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Michelle Wruck, from a large Pediatric Group, the Peconics Pediatric Group on Long Island, frequently offers pro bono advice to “newbies” on the Soiling Solutions (SS)  email list. She is called the “Poop Whisperer” and now parents are calling in to req
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Famous Last Words about Encopresis: “He will grow out of it!”

“He will grow out of it!” Most parents and physicians take a rational approach to children who are having trouble with bowel control.  They will try to reason with the child and encourage regular toilet sits after a meal.  They may turn the bathroom into a kind of entertai
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Encopresis Experts – My Visit with Dr. Marc Levitt

Encopresis Experts – My Visit with Dr. Marc Levitt by Robert W. Collins, PhD, PC I had the very good fortune to meet with encopresis expert Dr. Marc Levitt on the morning of June 7, 2013. Dr. Levitt is the Director of the Colorectal Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio.  W
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