Proven Encopresis Solutions

EYoung Super Hero Standing on Laundry Machinesncopresis is a frustrating condition. Often, mothers come to us just as frustrated as their children, after trying a number of alternative solutions without success. 

Our  Proven Encopresis  Solution

We will help you end encopresis once and for all with our world-renowned treatment solution which is spelled out, step- by-step, in the Clean Kid Manual (CKM), developed by Psychologist, Dr. Robert W. Collins.

This protocol is gaining international attention as a major alternative to the standard treatment of using oral (top down) stool softeners with repeated assurances that the child “… will grow out of it.”

You can read Chapter One of the book here, free of charge.

We have also assembled a team of mothers who have worked through the system and are eager to share tips and encouragement in our Facebook group.

How it Works

  • The CKM instructs you on the use of suppositories and enemas that have special valuable properties over oral medications.
  • These “bottom medicines” cause an exaggerated voiding urge sensation. They act almost immediately to trigger emptying, and your child is kept safe until the next day’s treatment hour. This even includes the child’s school day!
  • A one hour treatment focus every day reconnects sitting and going to the toilet successfully. These are learning trials. The bonus is that everyone gets a nice “break” from worry and conflict until the next treatment or power hour is scheduled at the same time the next day.
  • This treatment is easy to understand, stops further physical and emotional damage, and prevents future surgery which can be caused if you naively believe that the child will magically “…grow out of it!”
  • You rediscover your original child as you both relax and discover that there is a solution to this neglected problem. You will be delighted to hear from teachers that your child is happier, more outgoing, and focused.


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