Encopresis Hygiene


Hygiene Considerations for Encopresis

The Cultural Taboo Source for Encopresis:

Discussing the cleaning of our private sexual, elimination area in public spaces is typically avoided in all cultures. Bathroom humor is common and used to cover our embarrassment about this topic. Notice that such humor is often regarded as juvenile and cheap. Talking about this area can be regarded as dirty. These observations follow closely on the foul smells and unpleasant byproducts of elimination. Almost all cultures require public sanitary systems at great expense to address the disposal of our body wastes to control disease and universal disgust. Our approach here is clinical, scientific, and objective.

Toilet Paper Is an Abrasive:

Cleaning our glasses with hardened plastic lenses is a no no because even so called “soft” tissues will scratch up the surface. The paper industry goes to great lengths to assure us that their bathroom tissue is soft. Yes, it is soft and abrasive.  Frequent use of paper as is common with encopresis and will actually result in red rawness and bleeding. If your hands are sticky or greasy, paper or cloth is inadequate for cleaning.  You have to add water with soap in wiping to assure cleansing before wiping or dabbing with a cloth towel.

Hygiene-Preventing Infection and Rashes that Accompany Encopresis:

A child’s use of toilet paper can result in urethral tract or bladder infections if they wipe inappropriately or if they suffer from encopresis with constant leakage. Fecal soiling is the second most common cause for giving up on caring for an elderly person in the home. The second most common pain disorder in the USA next to headaches is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  IBS often keeps many adults at home fearful of going out because of a fear of fecal accidents. Incomplete cleaning with toilet paper or wet ones in all of these cases often lead to painful rashes, infected hemorrhoids, and urinary tract infections. This can all be avoided, but it will require a major cultural transformation because of our bathroom habits and the advertising  budgets extolling toilet paper. You never see TV ads for bidet inserts, but perhaps that will change if we can initiate a green movement toward their use. Think of the forests we can save and the pollution involved with toilet paper manufacturing. The Grand Rapids sanitary engineer notes that wet ones continually clog up their treatment facilities.

Bidet Inserts-A New Approach for Bathroom Hygiene with Encopresis:

I have advocated for the adequate treatment of children with encopresis (soiling). This now includes promoting a new approach for bathroom hygiene. I am hopeful that it will sweep the nation. Physicians in my area are already prescribing the new modern bidet inserts for their patients as they are being tried out in nursing homes, day care centers, and a major rehabilitation hospital, and the Women’s Resource Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Surprisingly, some local restaurants have reported increased business from installing modern bidet inserts!

Bidet inserts even have a positive benefit in stimulating or completing bowel movements because of their water jet cleaning and stimulation. This could be helpful for children who hold and resist having a BM on the stool! It may also make sitting on the stool a more positive experience.

Modern Non-European Bidet Inserts for Superior Hygiene for All:

http://www.biolifetechnologies.com/images/TheNewCOCO/Bidets/cocobidet9500Xvideo.jpgThese are not the standard European Bidets which require a whole separate commode that you have to shift your butt over to for turning on a cold stream of water. These modern units invented in New York fit on your standard stool at the back between the water tank and the opening. They struck a very responsive chord for the Japanese and Koreans who have refined the product and now they are major manufacturers for bidet inserts. The deluxe versions feature a padded warm seat, warm water, and options of a well-directed pulsed stream, back and forth stream, mixed air and water stream, female stream, warm air dryer, etc. A very cheap, self-installing version with just a directed cleaning spray is also available.

These new bathroom appliances are now more commonly found on the floors of many modern building supply stores. End encopresis and have your whole household enjoy these remarkable and effective cleansing devices. Be prepared for visitors to be fearful of your bathroom and thinking that you are some kind of sexual pervert or nut!  I have encountered really strange reactions from some very sophisticated house guests. Check them out!