Constipation is a stomach upset issue that occurs in people of all ages. It usually happens due to not eating good amount of fiber in their diet. So, they must not give the burden to their stomach which creates difficulty in digesting the food. People do not take enough time to eat and quickly gulp down the large sizes of morsels in their abdomen. So, they do not even bite them properly to break down the meal into small pieces. It releases their saliva from their mouth to soften these pieces and make them swallow easily. Therefore, people must chew thirty-two times to cut their food into tiny particles.

Another thing is that they should not drink a whole glass of water right after their meal. It is a bad practice to quit immediately. So, they must have a few sips of water in the middle of their meal or before it. Drinking too much water upsets and disturbs the digestive system. Therefore, they must not do it. However, they must eat their food on time and when feel hungry for it.

However, the constipation causes huge pain when it goes untreated for longer. It creates more suffering in kids than in elders. Hence, they can easily treat this with domestic remedies. They can boil the water and place a clove with cinnamon and cardamom. Keep it boiled for a few minutes and strain the water in the cup. They drink this strained water and chew these ingredients to relieve their abdominal pain.

For the medication, they can try out homemade enema. It is a process to relieve the pain of constipation in patients and gives them a sense of comfort. So, they can easily pass their stool in a few hours without any force or exertion. The more force they apply, the worse it will be for them. It will create more severe issues like piles and dysentery that take time to cure for patients. People can use hot water to loosen their bowel movements and release their feces easily.

Here are a few advantages of homemade enema for patients:

Give an Instant Relief

The use of homemade enema provides a liquid mixture to drink for patients. They suffer from a severe pain of constipation and find an immediate cure. Hence, they can use this solution to see the rapid result of it. It gives a soothing effect to their stomach and eases the sense of pain and burning irritation.


In summary, the benefits of using a homemade enema to comfort the bowels and relieve constipation are numerous. People can utilize a do-it-yourself approach to create a curative solution at home. This method allows them to add common ingredients such as salt, glycerin, and sodium phosphate to hot boiling water. These elements must be thoroughly dissolved in the water. The resulting solution can be used throughout the day, with a few sips providing noticeable relief. This homemade enema offers immediate comfort by alleviating abdominal pain and softening hard stool, facilitating its release through the rectum and anus.