A Survey of Parents On Their Childrens’ Response to Treatment

Here is another way of looking at the results of my Soiling Solutions® protocol. I created a 31 question, mostly qualitative “impressionistic” based survey in early 2014. The survey was sent out via email to all 447 parents that were sent the manual 6 months to 2 years earlier with a 3 week deadline for return. The follow up period being surveyed ranged from 6 months to 2 years. Thirty-eight responses were received yielding a return rate of 8.5%. This is a fairly standard response rate, but I had hoped for better. The results of that survey are presented below.

The age and sex of respondents were as follows:

Male Children:             20

Female Children:        16

Combined Sex:

2.5-4.5 years:                19

5-8 years:                       12

9-11 years of age:          4

Averages for dependent variables with sexes combined (SI=Self-Initiation):

Age                                                                5.27 years

Days Delay in Starting                        13.48

Days to 1st day w/o soiling               10.33

Days to 1st week w/o soiling             16.71

Weeks to 1st Relapse                           10.98

Number of Relapses                               3.90

Weeks to SI with Guidance               10.28

Weeks to Complete SI                         23.44


Averages for Girls:

Age                                                                 4.72

Days Delay in Starting                         10.81

Days to 1st day w/o soiling                  8.53

Days to 1st week w/o soiling             21.93

Weeks to 1st Relapse                             9.50

Relapses                                                      3.90

Weeks to SI with Guidance                 8.50

Weeks to Complete SI                         15.33

Averages for Boys:

Age                                                                5.74

Days Delay in Starting                        16.00

Days to 1st day w/o soiling                11.83

Days to 1st week w/o soiling             11.81

Weeks to 1st Relapse                           11.82

Relapses                                                      3.91

Weeks to SI with Guidance               11.92

Weeks to Complete SI                         28.90


Look at that difference between boys and girls in reaching self-initiation! Boys can be such stubborn little creatures!  

From the survey look at the time parents delayed actually starting the SS protocol. This reflects a lot of natural fear and anxiety about the aggressive nature of using suppositories and enemas. This is also shared by many medical personnel. It is a world-wide phenomenon.