An inspirational account by a 19-year old woman about Soiling Solutions (SS).

Here is a guest blog by an articulate 19 year old Midwestern young woman whose family confronted her at age 15 years with the Soiling Solutions protocol using suppositories and enemas (S&E) in its daily “Power Hour”. It took a unique, strong, and loving family to do what they had to do! DrC.

I know a lot of parents won’t go the enema and suppository route because of their own inhibitions and concerns about sexual abuse, but I wish more of them could get past that.  When I was thirteen and fourteen and fifteen I was on Miralax twice a day and wearing Goodnites pullups 24/7.  That was 24 hour a day humiliation and degradation and low self-esteem.  I was so confused and scared because I thought this was going to be my life forever.  Miralax would have never taught me to stop holding. It just taught me that I hated my life and never wanted to ever poop again.

When mom and sis put me on SS they handed me a pair of the prettiest green and yellow panties I had ever seen and said I was never wearing pullups again.  They spent most of the morning cleaning me out with soapy enemas and warm water enemas and I fought with all my might and thought they were trying to kill me, but they saved my life and gave me hope.  Mom, I forgive you, and I thank you for saving my life.  I hated enemas and suppositories and still don’t like them because I don’t like anything going in or coming out of my butt but they were never sexual to me.  I didn’t feel I was being molested or abused I just wanted everyone to leave me and my poop alone.

Parents,  taking your child, IF THEY ARE SIMPLY A HOLDER, off Miralax and diapers and spending about one hour a day making them go with an enema or suppository so they could be free from poop for 23 hours is the best gift you could ever give them.  Then there is an end game.  They will get back the ability to go on their own and they won’t need enemas.  You’ve been to so many Drs. and tried so many things.  Keep them clean one hour each day and give them hope.