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How to End Encopresis and Enuresis!

by Robert W. Collins, PhD, PC

The Clean Kid Manual is a complete explanatory and instruction-based approach for the treatment of encopresis and enuresis. Please note that:

  • Encopresis is diagnosed as fecal soiling persisting at age 4 years and beyond.
  • Enuresis is diagnosed as urine loss persisting at age 5 years and beyond.
  • Both are associated with a backed up colon.
  • Holding, hiding, toileting refusal, and “nose blindness” are often observed.
  • Both you and your child are not at fault.
  • The connection between urge recognition and voiding self-initiation is broken.
  • I am a learning theorist who found that the more immediate acting “bottom medicines” are required to restore the broken connection for self-initiation.


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Encopresis Manual for Success


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